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Kick-off meeting of the UNIDIGES Project in the Technological Centre L’Urederra (Los Arcos, 25th November 2011).

The Technological Centre L’Urederra hosted on November 25 2011 the kick off meeting of the Project LIFE10 ENV/ES/442 “Demonstrative plant for manure management in a medium-sized farm by anaerobic digestion and agronomic valorization of the digestate (UNIDIGES).

The UNIDIGES Project consists of the development of an own technology at pilot scale with a capacity of treatment of 3.000m3 of manure, with which is expected to implement a cogeneration module of <100kW and obtain 3.000tons of digestate to be used as a fertilizer once the nitrogen is stabilized.

All the partners taking part in the project assisted to this initial meeting.

The first evaluation meeting of the UNIDIGES Project is scheduled for the 25th April 2012 in the Technological Centre L’Urederra in Los Arcos. All partners are expected to attend, as well as the Monitoring Technician from Astrale.

Demonstrative plant for manure magament from a medium-sized farm by anaerobic digestion and agronomic valorization of the digestate

LIFE 10 ENV/ES/442

September 2011-February 2015

Project funded by the European Commision through the Programme LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance 2010.



Activities and participation of the beneficiaries

Lurederra logo Logo Albaikide

L´Urederra, Fundación para el desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (LUR), España

Leire Gárriz Martínez de Antoñana



Albaikide, S.A. (ALB), España

Julen Huarte



Coordination of the project (management, monitoring, audit).

Design and implementation of the anaerobic reactor and biogas purification; digestion tests.

Reduction of the carbon footprint by using the new technology.

Responsible of the contact with the farms to analyze raw materials before designing the plant.

Digestate valuation from the point of view of agricultural land and overall nitrogen balance in soil.

Dissemination and diffusion of the anaerobic digestion technology and of the digestate as a fertilizer in agriculture.

Logo en21 Logo Biocentras

Nuevos Servicios Energéticos EN21, S.L. (EN21), España

Juan José Murillo Pabolleta




Monika Kavaliauskè



Design and implementation of the system to valuate biogas resulting from digestion, obtaining electricity and thermal energy (cogeneration).

Quantification of the energy use.

Valuation of the digestate.

Actions to communicate the development.




The main objectives of UNIDIGES project are:

  1. Achievement of a proper management of manure through the development of a demonstrative plant to treat them by anaerobic digestion. Obtainment of an added value through the production of electric energy and heat and the agronomic valorization of the digestate.
  2. Development of a semi-industrial technology for manure management in medium-sized facilities, proving its feasibility in different placements with different types of manure.
  3. Reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs) by applying the proposed technology and obtainment of a digestate suitable to be used as a soil fertilizer due to its high nitrogen stabilization, reducing thus the subsequent risk of water contamination.

Background and environmental problems

The world census of porcine is estimated on 965,5 millions of animals, while the number of bovine cattle amounts 1.300 million worldwide. Spain is the second country in porcine production in the European Union (30million pigs/year) and the third one in bovine production (7million/year), resulting in the generation of about 50million tons of manure that must be correctly treated.

Currently most of the manure is used as organic fertilizer, but that implies a high risk of giving rise different environmental affections derived from the unstable and poorly controlled input of nitrogen to the soil. These affections include contamination of groundwater and surface water due to leaching or emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere.

Attending to this situation, the Technological Centre L’Urederra detected a great necessity of improving manure management in farms. In order to achieve this overall goal, L’Urederra proposed the application of a treatment of anaerobic digestion, that allows producing electric and thermal energy from the obtained biogas on one hand, and achieving an agronomical valorization of the digestate on the other hand, thanks to the stabilization and control of the nitrogen levels, beside reducing or removing GHGs’ emissions.

Therefore both the process and the product obtained as a result of that process will offer environmental and economical advantages.


The main goal of the project UNIDIGES is the development of a demonstrative plant of anaerobic digestion to manage manure from medium-sized farms, including energy obtainment (heat and electricity) and agronomic enhancement of the digestate.

The project includes the phases of design, construction and testing of a plant capable of treating 3.000ton/year of manure, which consists of a module of anaerobic digestion with biogas purification and a module of energy recovery. Thermal energy required to heat the digester and to meet thermal demands of the farm will be obtained, as well as electricity lower than 100kwe for low voltage connection.

As a result of the project, a technology of anaerobic digestion adjusted to requirements of medium-sized farms will be obtained, avoiding oversizing and high investments, allowing solving problems related to manure management and, at the same time, offering an added energetic and agronomic value.

The UNIDIGES project, with contract number LIFE10 ENV/ES/442, will last for 3 years and 6 months, with an execution period from 1st September 2011 to 1st March 2015 and a total budget of 1.310.678€. The contribution of the European Commission to the project is of 614.089€.

The project Consortium is composed of four members: the Technological Centre L’Urederra, as project coordinator, with wide experience in the field of anaerobic digestion and design of environmental technologies, Albaikide S.A., company of veterinary services, Nuevos Servicios Energéticos EN21, S.L., company with experience in energy use of biogas, and JSC Biocentras, Lithuanian company with high experience in contaminated soils.


L'Urederra Technological Centre

Área Industrial "Perguita", Calle A, nº 1 | 31210

Los Arcos (Navarra - Spain)

Phone: + 34 948 64 03 18