EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - Results obtained

UNIDIGES project has as main aim the development of a demonstrative plant of anaerobic digestion for manure management on farm companies of medium size including energetic valorisation (thermic and electrical) and agronomic valorisation of digestate. The project involves phases of design, building and testing of the plant consisting of the modules for anaerobic digestion and the modules for energy generation. The main aim is the obtaining of thermic energy required to rise temperature of the own anaerobic digestor and furthermore to cover thermic demands of the farm and to produce electrical energy to be connected to low power (<100 kwe). The legislative framework of reference, when the present project was planned, was the RD 661/2007 on which a project with power outputs near 100 kW with a significant thermal recovery was of great interest. By the RDL 1/2012, at the beginning of 2012, they proceed to the suspension of pre-allocation procedures and the suspension of economic incentives for new installations of electricity production from cogeneration, renewables and waste. Premiums are removed to new premises. Therefore, the initial project for selling to the low power network (lower than 100 kW) becomes no viable. During all the year 2012, while waiting for a favourable legal framework, the consortium evaluated new options for energy exploitation, auto-consumption in two possibilities, instantaneous auto-consumption and Net Balance. However, current normative do not take into account the regulation of this kind of facilities so partners of the project, once the legal situation had been evaluated, cannot assure the viability of the construction of the pilot plant due to the change in the legal situation in Spain for the special regime facilities and their negative consequences according to the solution proposed in the project. Due to the fact that up to the moment it is not possible to plan an energetic exploitation for less than 100 kw power in a profitable manner, the consortium proposed not to continue with the project because demonstrative character and replicability of the technology cannot be assure in the current situation. In this context, UNIDIGES project ends on 10th July 2013, up to 22 months, with activities involving implementation and testing pending. However, the activities developed in the present project has given as a result a design of a technology available for implementation in a new legal framework which favours legal condition similar to those existing in the framework of reference when the present proposal was planned. (Deliverable 3.1. Report on description of digestion module and Deliverable 4.1. Report on description of biogas exploitation).

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