Activities and participation of the beneficiaries

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L´Urederra, Fundación para el desarrollo Tecnológico y Social (LUR), España

Leire Gárriz Martínez de Antoñana

Albaikide, S.A. (ALB), España

Julen Huarte

Coordination of the project (management, monitoring, audit).

Design and implementation of the anaerobic reactor and biogas purification; digestion tests.

Reduction of the carbon footprint by using the new technology.

Responsible of the contact with the farms to analyze raw materials before designing the plant.

Digestate valuation from the point of view of agricultural land and overall nitrogen balance in soil.

Dissemination and diffusion of the anaerobic digestion technology and of the digestate as a fertilizer in agriculture.

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Nuevos Servicios Energéticos EN21, S.L. (EN21), España

Juan José Murillo Pabolleta


Monika Kavaliauskè

Design and implementation of the system to valuate biogas resulting from digestion, obtaining electricity and thermal energy (cogeneration).

Quantification of the energy use.

Valuation of the digestate.

Actions to communicate the development.


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