The Technological Centre L’Urederra hosted on November 25 2011 the kick off meeting of the Project LIFE10 ENV/ES/442 “Demonstrative plant for manure management in a medium-sized farm by anaerobic digestion and agronomic valorization of the digestate (UNIDIGES).

The UNIDIGES Project consists of the development of an own technology at pilot scale with a capacity of treatment of 3.000m3 of manure, with which is expected to implement a cogeneration module of <100kW and obtain 3.000tons of digestate to be used as a fertilizer once the nitrogen is stabilized.

All the partners taking part in the project assisted to this initial meeting.

The first evaluation meeting of the UNIDIGES Project is scheduled for the 25th April 2012 in the Technological Centre L’Urederra in Los Arcos. All partners are expected to attend, as well as the Monitoring Technician from Astrale.